About Mara


Mara is a delightful 13 month old Border Collie Heeler mix who was purchased by her previous family as a puppy and came into rescue last month when the family’s circumstances changed. 

Mara lives for fun. She is a sweet, active, bouncy puppy who will bring lots of joy into your life. She is bright and learns quickly. Mara likes to be at the center of the action. She has a nice off button, loves toys and plays nicely by herself and with people. Mara loves people and will  request attention – squishing her body close, giving you her paw relentlessly until you pet her. 

Mara will need a herding dog experienced home. She likes other dogs, though she can be a bit bossy. She will probably be fine living with another dog(s) (she is fine with the 2 Border Collies in her foster home). She chases cats and should not live with cats or other small animals. 

Mara is housebroken and crate trained. She does very well in her crate overnight and when we leave the house. Mara has a bit of FOMO if you’re playing without her while she is crated, and she may whine or howl a little. She will bark at neighbors walking by, but is easily redirected. She is learning basic manners like “leave it”, leash walking, not to counter surf and not to jump up on people, and you should be ready to continue teaching her, too.

She is likely a candidate for a competitive agility or sports home. She loves people, is very bright and is food and toy motivated. She can jump high into the air like a spring. She is energetic, happy and busy, and needs her new family to help her learn what to do with all of her energy.

A fenced yard is preferred but not necessarily required. Her recall is not reliable yet, so if you don’t have a fence you need a solid plan on how to meet her exercise needs safely.

A home with an experienced dog owner with a desire to be actively involved in her training of some sort is preferred. Mara needs to attend a positive reinforcement based training class as a condition of her adoption.

Mara likes children, but she has a tendency to chase, jump, scratch, mouth and knock over young children in her excitement to play. She should probably not live with young children under 12, though we can evaluate on a case by case basis to find her the best home. She has tendencies to chase things in motion like vacuums, mops, cars and children spinning on toys, which she should not be allowed to practice in her new home. 

  • Female
  • 1 y.o.
  • Older (see bio)
  • Yes
  • NO
  • Yes
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  • N/A
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