Dogs from Other Sources

The following Border Collies or crosses are available through other agencies or shelters, or as independent placements by owners.

NEBCR, Inc. is not involved in these placements nor responsible for the descriptions of these dogs. We have not seen nor evaluated the dogs listed on this page and are not responsible for their behavior at any time. We present them here solely as a courtesy to the individual or agency rehoming the dog.
For individuals/agencies listing dogs here: NEBCR, Inc. makes no claim regarding any potential adopter that contacts you as a result of a listing on this page. It is your responsibility to fully vet potential adopters, and make your own private adoption agreement.

If you have a dog available for adoption that you would like to list on this page, please send the following to

  • At least one good, clear photo (preferably 2-3) in JPG format
  • A brief description/bio of the dog
  • Contact information for the person placing the dog (at least phone or email, preferably both if possible)
  • Please let us know as soon as your dog has been adopted so that we can update this page

Note: NEBCR retains the right to edit all information for length and content


Eva is a 5 year old, spayed female Border Collie. She will only be re-homed to the very best situation for her and is not in need of immediate placement. My ideal home for Eva would be a single person or couple without children or other pets (minimal chaos in the home). Eva wants to be an only dog and would like to have a large fenced yard and to go on regular hikes and swims. She needs a person that has a lot of herding dog experience that gets border collie quirks and that knows how to handle a dog that is nervous and potentially aggressive towards other dogs. If this describes your situation, please read all of the following information before contacting me.

Maisy Maude

Maisy Maude is a three year old border collie/black lab mix. Her birthday is August 15th, 2019. She came from a dairy farm in Bern, NY. Maisy loves her green ball more than anything in the world and looks forward to playing fetch after a long day. She is extremely intelligent and often tries to mimic words spoken to her. Maisy is a busy body and would benefit from a household with lots of tasks to keep her busy. She has never been aggressive, but gets very anxious around strangers. My partner and I work full time and have a baby on the way. We have consistently struggled to provide her with the appropriate environment that her high-energy working breed needs. Please help our Maisy find the forever home she deserves.


Finlay is a sweet tempered velcro dog. He loves his people and is happiest when he can relax nearby his human. He loves hiking and does need more exercise than the average dog but is mellower than the average border collie. He hikes off leash and never wanders far from his hiking buddies. When he meets strangers off leash he’ll bark and then come back toward you to step off the trail and let others pass.

Finlay came from a rescue out of Tennessee where he and his siblings had been found orphaned after their mother was hit by a car almost 8 years ago. No one is sure of his breed but his vet, who has and loves border collies, feels that his behaviors and temperament are consistent with a border collie type.

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These listings are reserved for dogs located in the Northeast area only. Due to the ongoing high demand for dogs needing rescue here in the Northeast, we are unfortunately unable to assist with listings for dogs located in or being transported from other parts of the country.

If you are located outside of these areas, please refer to Other BC Rescues to find a local rescue group.

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