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The following Border Collies or crosses are available through other agencies or shelters, or as independent placements by owners.

NEBCR, Inc. is not involved in these placements nor responsible for the descriptions of these dogs. We have not seen nor evaluated the dogs listed on this page and are not responsible for their behavior at any time. We present them here solely as a courtesy to the individual or agency rehoming the dog.
For individuals/agencies listing dogs here: NEBCR, Inc. makes no claim regarding any potential adopter that contacts you as a result of a listing on this page. It is your responsibility to fully vet potential adopters, and make your own private adoption agreement.

If you have a dog available for adoption that you would like to list on this page, please send the following to

  • At least one good, clear photo (preferably 2-3) in JPG format
  • A brief description/bio of the dog
  • Contact information for the person placing the dog (at least phone or email, preferably both if possible)
  • Please let us know as soon as your dog has been adopted so that we can update this page

Note: NEBCR retains the right to edit all information for length and content


Tulip (“Tuli”) is a very affectionate, smart, silly and beautiful female 7 month old lab border collie mix rescue.   I took her in temporarily after her 1st adoptive owner, a single mom, couldn’t fulfill her needs. 

Like all border collie/mixes, Tulip needs A LOT  of daily exercise, playtime and mental stimulation (loves learning)!   As hyper as she is, she’ll plunk her 47 pound self on my lap. We have wonderful, 3-4 mile daily walks and dog park visits. She is very friendly towards all people, and most (all?) dogs. Other hobbies: car rides, Tractor Supply shopping, sprinklers/hoses/rain, running really fast. Her latest game is to pounce on and swat crab apples!   And, run with a box of Kleenex before bedtime.


Boo is almost 3 years old, neutered male border collie. Boo is shy to new people and needs to be introduced slowly. However, Boo attaches himself to people once he trusts them. Boo is best to go to a home without children. A single male or couple is preferable. Boo is active, goofy and intelligent in his character. Boo loves to play with squeaky balls and tug-of-war with rope toys.


Jack is available for adoption to the right home. Very specific criteria must be met and is noted below. Please read the entire post. There will be NO wavering on the listed criteria. He is NOT for the first time dog owner, nor anyone who doesn’t have experience with herding breed dogs and behavior modification.

Jack has been bounced around way too much and must go to his forever home. He is 2 years old (DOB 1/31/19), is approximately 45 pounds and 22+ inches at the withers. UTD on shots and is neutered. He was found tied up to a light pole in NYC. Thereafter, he was taken in by an all breed rescue. They had good intentions, but they were way in over their head with his herding quirks. Jack then came to ECHO.

Lady Bug

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Now that we’re well into week three of living indoors with her foster family, Ladybug’s true personality is coming out. She is a silly girl who craves attention. She enjoys showing you her tummy (that is splotchy and adorable) and if she barks for attention and is asked to be quiet she lays down and rolls over, tail wagging the whole time. She’s learning to sit (not jump) to be pet. With time and attention, Ladybug will be the happiest companion and will provide you with kisses that go on for days. If that all sounds good to you, please read on…


Hudson is approximately 9 years old and has been my loyal border collie/newfoundland(?) mix since puppyhood. He is an impressive 90 lbs and solid black. According to the Queensbury, NY shelter, his mom was a purebred border collie.

Hudson is extremely loyal, enjoys long hikes and walks, and being snuggled by his human companion. He is always on alert to protect his home and his human. Hudson is unfortunately not good with other dogs or young children.

Hudson presently lives near Saratoga, New York.

For more information please call Jessica at: 518-210-9305 days


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Theo is an 8 yo BC/Lab mix. He is perfect for someone with an active lifestyle who adores the great outdoors and a commitment to their loving pup! He is an extremely smart 8 year old boy who would prefer to meet his potential adopter a few times before going home.


Theo is an affectionate boy, but on his own terms. He knows his basic commands and has done some agility work.

Theo enjoys long walks and then sitting on a blanket and watching the world while chewing a nice toy.

Theo is good with dogs, but not good with children. He is neutered, microchipped and up to date on his vaccinations.

For more information please reach out to

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These listings are reserved for dogs located in the Northeast area only. Due to the ongoing high demand for dogs needing rescue here in the Northeast, we are unfortunately unable to assist with listings for dogs located in or being transported from other parts of the country.

If you are located outside of these areas, please refer to Other BC Rescues to find a local rescue group.

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