About Freya


Freya is a 5 yr old border collie/english shepherd mix. She entered rescue and left behind a life where she was used to produce puppies. After several months with her foster, Freya is ready to find her own family! Although she has made progress from the skittish, terrified dog who managed to escape twice, she will be an extreme flight risk in any new situation until she is fully bonded with her person and comfortable in her new home.

Freya has a shy and soft personality. She has shown that she is able to trust and enjoy her human. She greets her foster mom with body wiggles and tail wags, and offers her belly for rubs. She will avoid interactions with strangers and other dogs but seems comfortable walking alongside another dog while on leash.

She is quiet, good with cats, horses and livestock. She hasn’t shown an interest in playing with toys yet but she does love to go for walks, especially on trails in the woods. She is a pleasure to walk and hike with and so far has not shown any reactivity to the common triggers of bicycles, cars, joggers, and other dogs. She has a consistently good recall since she bonded with her foster. She is working on recall under the distraction of small critters- something she is very interested in and would love to chase! Watch Freya’s recall…

Freya enjoys food puzzles and “working” for her meals which have helped her develop more self confidence. She is smart and has the potential to be a lovely companion. See Freya “working” for her breakfast…

Freya is house trained, crate trained and does not show any signs of separation anxiety. She is happy to go in her crate with her favorite chew for several hours. She is even happier to nap on the couch!

Freya’s ideal home would be a in a quiet, rural area with a patient person experienced in working with fearful dogs or who has an interest in learning about fearful dogs and is committed to allowing Freya to progress at her own pace, however slow and boring that may be. A fence is preferred as she does show an interest in chasing small critters. However, a fence will not stop her from fleeing if frightened and she will need to be kept on leash until fully bonded with her person, even in a fenced area.

Due to her Skittishness, Freya will not be placed in a home with young kids. She would be fine with young children visiting as long as she isn’t forced to interact and has a crate or safe room she could go to if she felt uncomfortable.

Please do not inquire about a particular dog until you have an APPROVED application on file.

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  • 5 years
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