About Tanner


Tanner came to us as a stray, found with his sister and then unclaimed by anyone. He is about 2.5 years old and in perfect health. Tanner is so sweet. We should probably say that again because this boy is like cotton candy kind of sweet. He loves being close to his person, loves being rubbed, loves snuggling, he is absolutely full of sweetness and affection.

He is also so soft, his coat is just like thick, velvety perfection. He’s really fun to pet! He gets along great with dogs. When he greets them he’s gentle and polite. Once he gets to know them he can be a typical energetic pup, zooming around, doing chase games and wrestling. He’s just discovering toys and really loves food, bones, chewies, and treats!


Tanner needs basic training – when he first came into rescue he didn’t even know how to sit! But, his recall is INCREDIBLE. Off leash on an 18 acre (fenced-in) farm, he came every time he was called and had zero issues coming inside or returning to his person. He will be a great dog for hiking in the woods or taking on adventures.

Tanner is smart, biddable and likes learning. This beautiful boy is actually an English Shepherd according to his Embark DNA test! We recommend researching the breed as they have similarities to border collies but, of course, they are their own breed and have their own characteristics. You can find out more about English Shepherds HERE.


Tanner is shy, unsure about new people and will need an owner that is prepared to work on that with him. He is awesome in his crate and will not bark. Well, unless there is a stranger there. Then, Tanner will bark. If his person is right with him, he’s quiet but if he is by himself and there is a stranger in his presence, he’s pretty upset about it. He warms up very quickly but obviously this means that Tanner will need some remedial socialization work and is not a dog for a home where there are lots of people coming and going. Tanner can also be protective of his person once he bonds with them. He needs an owner that understands protective behavior and knows how to work with it (he’s been very good when his person sets firm boundaries and helps him to understand what is and is not ok in terms of protective behavior).


Tanner is fabulous with cats, did we mention that?

He’s such a good boy.

Tanner needs a home with an owner who appreciates a snuggly lovebug and someone who is willing to work on stranger danger. He either needs a hard fence or a rural location. We aren’t worried about him running away/wandering but it would be a concern if he got scared by a stranger and bolted.

Please do not inquire about a particular dog until you have an APPROVED application on file.

  • Male
  • approx. 2.5
  • Older
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • REQUIRED (see above)
  • NO